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Lead Generation with LinkedIn Events, ChatGPT & Automation to 2-10X Sales

Masterclass Starts on

30th of July 2024

8 AM PT | 11 AM ET | 5 PM CET

Roadmap to 10X scale.

Invest 1 hour to empower yourself with the roadmap for your 2-10X sales growth in 2024.

  • Understand HOW TO DESIGN a Leadgen System that will 2-10X your sales in 2024.

  • Learn our BLUEPRINT generating monthly 20,000 Registrations + 100 Sales Calls.

  • Deep-dive in the ROADMAP of MPCG´s Case Study that achieved with this system in 12 month:

    • 440k € Revenue (29X ROI)

    • 178 Sales Calls

    • 9 Mio. LinkedIn Views.

  • Explore the most advanced STRATEGIES & GROWTH HACKS available at this time.

  • Ask world leading GROWTH EXPERTS all the questions you always wanted to ask.

🏆🏆🏆 Awarded as the most viral LinkedIn Event with more than 20,000 monthly registrations. 🏆🏆🏆

Current registrations over 42,638

Who should register.

Designed for Small High-Ticket B2B Businesses on their journey from sporadic business to 1 Million €/$ per year. Companies in the following 3 Growth Stages will benefit the most from this Masterclass (Revenue in €/$ per year).


Current: 500k

Goal: 1 Million


Current: 100k

Goal: 500k


Current: Sporadic

Goal: 100k

"You will experience a major mindset shift that will change the trajectory for your company" - Amor Gesell

Success Blueprint.

Learn our blueprint generating more than 20,000 Registrations + 100 Sales Calls every month.

“The learning effect was exponential. We scaled from 5k € to 30k € per month in half a year." - Bora Ger

Case Study Deep-Dive.

Learn from a real-life small business case study how to scale your own business 2-10X in 12 month.

Michael Prothmann Consulting Group (MPCG)

  • Boutique Consultancy focused on digitalization of midsized Production Companies.

  • Scale Stage: Scaled from 20 to 70k € per month.

  • Company Size: 4 FTEs + 2 assistants.

  • Situation: Did sales only via relationships & trade-fairs. No online funnel or leadgen system in place.

“I was CEO of smaller & larger businesses. But the success of this program in winning clients on autopilot is something I never saw before.”

12 Month Results

0 -> 200+

Avg. Webinar Participants / Month

2 -> 25

Qualified Sales Calls / Month

20 -> 70k €

Monthly Revenue

1.5k -> 15k

Ideal Contacts added

1k -> 9 Million  

Content Views per year


4h /week for 3 month  

Executive Time Invest BUILD

2h /week month 4+  

Executive Time Invest RUN

20h BUILD & 10h RUN  

VA Time Invest /week

180€ per month

Tool Invest (Basic System Month 1 - 3)  

320€ per month

Tool Invest (Final System, Month 4+)

Leading Expertise.

Masterclass is facilitated by 2 world renowned small business growth experts. Ask all the questions you always wanted to ask.

Alexander Amor Gesell

Founder & Lead Coach of imagineGROWTH Institute

  • Forbes to LinkedIn acclaimed Entrepreneur, Social Selling Expert, Course Creator & Thought Leader.

  • Founded IG Institute & scaled it to 7 figures with a 25h work week & 3 month holidays per year.

  • 15-year track record of scaling up software & consulting businesses from 0-5 M. €/$ in 2 years.

  • 10 year Automation & AI sales career at the most innovative companies across all hierarchy levels.

  • Digital Nomad traveling the world with his family while managing a global high-performance team.

Adi Suja

Co-Founder & Viral Content Coach of imagineGROWTH Institute

  • Serial Entrepreneur that founded i.a. IG Institute & Growthclub (top 3 LinkedIn agency).

  • Acclaimed Content Marketing Expert (100 M. Views).

  • Won 2 M. €/$ in inbound sales in 2022 alone.

  • Facilitated 500+ LinkedIn Growth Experiments.

  • Industry Expert agency & consulting businesses.

imagineGROWTH Institute

Leading Training & Coaching Company for Small B2B Businesses

  • Boutique training & coaching provider for B2B boutique businesses.

  • Our Mission is to "empower entrepreneurs to GROW 10X to share their inspiring mission with the world."

  • Built to enable our clients, team & own dream lives.

  • Scaled to 7-figure training institute in 3 years.

  • Grew 200+ small business 2-10X, generated 250 M. €/$ client revenue & 1 BN LinkedIn Views.

Who Are Our Clients

In the last 3 years we empowered over 200 companies and 500 individuals to grow 2-10X.

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